Ampeg B-15-N flip top (1964 portaflex w/15" JBL D130F speaker)
60's standard recording bass amp. No modifications w/7581(commercial grade 6L6) output tubes and tube rectifier
Ampeg SVT 8X10 cabinets (1970's silver blue grill cloth)
Two available, real wood not chip board
Ampeg SVT amps (Mid 70's w/white rocker switches)
Three available. No mods, 12DW7s, 14 tubes, 300 watts - The bass amp of rock
DW custom maple drum set (10,12,14 toms; 16 floor; 22 kick; 14 snare)
Exotic red spider pine finish with chrome hardware
Fender 2x12 cabinet (Eminence 12" 4 ohm piggy back w/tilt back legs)
Bassman head amp match
Fender Bassman amp (1966 black face)
Circuit AB165 
Fender Deluxe Reverb (1968 blackface circuitry w/silver face)
Two 6V6 output tubes and GZ34 rectifier pushing 12" Fender speaker
Fender Hot Rod DeVille  
2x12 2-channel with reverb
Fender Super Reverb w/JBLs (1967 blackface 4X10 combo)
No modifications w/ JBL D110. 6L6 outputs and GZ 34 rectifier tube. Great amp!
Fender Telecaster guitar (Cream colored)
Squier made in Korea
Fender Tweed Champ (1959 combo w/8" Fender Alnico speaker)
12ax7, 6V6 and 5Y3 rectifier. Great recording amp
Fender Tweed Deluxe (1956 combo w/12")
Fender Twin Reverb w/JBL (1972 silver face w/master volume)
JBL/black D123
Fender Twin Reverb w/JBL (1967 blackface w/orange JBL D120F 2X12)
No modifications - The real deal
Galien Krueger 800RB-II (300 watts into 4 ohms low & 100 watts into 8 hi)
Rack mount, lots of power and light weight
Gibson ES-335 guitar (2000 red satin semi hollow body)
Made in Nashville
Gibson Les Paul guitar (1996 red flame top w/bound neck)
Reissue of a 1960 Les Paul classic
Gibson SG guitar (1961 Reissue 2012)
Made in Nashville
Hiwatt Custom 100 amp (1970's DR103)
As used by Pete Townsend/The Who for guitar and Tom Petersson/Cheap Trick for bass
Marshall 4x12 slant cabinet (JCM 800 Lead 1960
Celestion 75 watt speakers w/removable casters. 16 ohms
Marshall 4x12 straight cabinet (Late 70's)
Celestion 25 watt blackback speakers w/removable casters. 16 ohms
Marshall 4x12 straight cabinet  
Celestion 70 watt Vintage speakers w/removable casters. 8 ohms
Marshall 4x12 straight cabinets (JCM 800) 
Two available. Celestion Vintage 30 speakers w/removable casters. 16 ohms
Marshall JCM 800 amps  
Two available. No modifications. 100 watts
Marshall JCM 900 amp (4100 model Dual channel reverb)
Two available. One with 5881 output tubes the other EL34 tubes. 100 watts
Marshall JMP amps (1978 - Master volume 2203-hi/low inputs)
Two available. No mods. One with 6550 output tubes the other EL34 tubes 100 watts
Marshall Major amp (1972 - 4 input)
KT88 output tubes. 200 watts. Great for bass.
Matchless DC-30 (1998 Mark Sampson era 2x12 combo)
Premier modern era AC30 considered the first of the boutique amps
Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb amp (Dual Rectifier)
2 channel very high gain, effects loop, reverb and tremelo. 100 watts
Musicman Stringray bass (1989 Salmon colored w/a birdseye maple neck)
Active pick ups
Roland JC-120 (Jazz Chorus 80's model w/bat toggle)
Solid state w/EVM 12L upgrade speakers - chorus combo industry standard
SWR 4x10 Goliath I cabinet (Adjustable tweeter)
Cloth speaker grill
SWR 4x10 Goliath III cabinet (Adjustable tweeter)
Shiny metal grill
THD 2x12 cabinet (THD speakers ported back)
Speaker designed after Celestion 80 and the other Oxford - 8 ohm
THD Bassman (4x10 combo amp)
Has active effects loop and reverb
THD Univalve (Circuit accepts different output tube types)
Great recording amp
Vox AC-30 (1965 JMI w/silver Alnico speakers)
Non top boost with Mullard GZ34 rectifier tube. The Beatle amp!
Vox AC-30 TBX (Blue Alnico Bulldog speakers)
Marshall made in England reissue
Zildjian cymbals (15, 16, 17, 18, 19 crashes; 20, 22 rides; 14,15 hats)
Custom A series